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Even the darkness will not be dark to You

Even the darkness will not be dark to you – psalm 139,12

I remember the first time I visited Carlsbad Caverns on a family vacation when I was a child. I remember going through a cave where we were going to experience absolute darkness, not a single photon to illuminate an uneven walkway or possible enemies lying in wait. We entered the sense altering cave. I clenched my dad’s jacket tighter. It was the only thing that I could be sure of in the darkness. Even though I was surrounded by people, holding on to my dad, I couldn’t help but feel worried. The darkness even made me feel — alone.

In Psalm 139, the writer is asking where can we go to get away from God. Where could we go that God’s presence wouldn’t be? If we went to heaven, God was there, if we went to the grave, God was there, if we fled across the sea to the corners of the earth, God’s hand would be there to hold us. Then the writer asks about the darkness. Even if the darkness is thrusted upon us, and we feel the dread and loneliness of the unknown, or even if we choose to hide in the darkness, hoping no one sees our pain or weakness, even then, God will be there. Even the darkness will not be dark to you – means that there is nowhere that God is unwilling to go for us. Even in the darkness, God sees the path out of the cave. Even there God sees us as we truly are, and God chooses to be with us. Know, today, that even when darkness closes in, God is with you, guiding you, loving you, and not afraid to go into the darkness for you.


Ric Shewell

Below is a great song by Mike Crawford and His Secret Siblings. The song is Search Me, based on Psalm 139. Check it out and click the graphic to visit their site and listen to more music. Even the Darkness

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Derek Webb’s “Heavy”

Derek Joanna and I
Joanna and I with Derek Webb in Kansas City in 2008?

I’ve been a fan of Derek Webb for, well, most of my life. I learned to play guitar listening to Caedmon’s Call’s 40 Acres, and wooing the girls at church camp with Table for Two and Somewhere North of Here (we were pretty sure the women were wooed). He just released a new album, I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You, available for digital download right now (hard copies in a month) here. I do make a guest appearance on Everything Will Change, so, you know, I’m kind of a big deal (actually, Derek called for some fans to join an ‘internet choir’ for one of his songs, awesome idea).

     As I’ve been reading some reviews, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are saying Derek is back, as if he’s apologizing for the things he’s been saying that has challenged so many Christians and so much of what we think is Christian.  Some people think this album is an apology to fans that he’s alienated. I couldn’t disagree more. I think this album is more personal and

Look! There I am, thanked and everything!
Look! There I am, thanked and everything!

less activisty, but I think it’s clear in the title track, that what he is saying now is what he’s always been trying to say.

     So, below is a video he just put out of one of his more personal read more »