Did the universe have a beginning???

      Even though I jokingly trashed science journals and scientists in my sermon this past Sunday, I usually spend about an hour a day watching videos and reading blogs about biology, physics, and other cool things that scientists are doing. Here’s a video by MintuePhysics, where Henry gives an beautiful and succinct description (and critique) of the Big Bang Theory. Take a look.



     At our church, we’ve been taking a look at the creation stories of Genesis and learning about the goodness of God’s character, relationship and commitment to creation. We’re finding a lot of great things happening in Genesis 1. Some people might be aware of some of the translation issues with the first verse of the Bible, but in any case, we see that God both creates out of nothing (Let there be light) and creates out of creation (Let plants come out of the ground)†. There’s a little bit of debate whether the earth was already there (the earth was formless) when God began creating or whether God created out of absolutely nothing.

      What do you think? Did the universe have a beginning? How would that change the way you look at God? Does the universe need to have a beginning? I think so, but I’m interested in what you think (especially, you process theologian types!).



† Terence Fretheim, God and the World in the Old Testament: A Relational Theology of Creation, 36.

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