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Fun Spiritual Practices

Atone for sins with the E-Scapegoat!

Hey, need to get something off your chest? Need to confess a sin and receive atonement, but you don’t have a priest or a goat? No problem! In preparation for Yom Kippur, tomorrow, you can lay your sins on the eScapegoat, and watch your sins leave the camp and head off into the wilderness (and off a cliff!) This is hilarious, and even a little educational. Enjoy!


Churches Fun

“Fight Church” MMA and Jesus

Whoa. Check out this trailer for a Documentary on a Church that hosts and teaches Mixed Martial Arts. “Fight Church.” *Spoiler Alert* He was Tyler Durden the whole time.

What are your thoughts? Is MMA incompatible with Christian living?

Here’s the Kickstarter page to get this movie finished.

Cathedral of the Rockies Fun

Easter Commercial Bloopers

While I was in New York with our teenagers, you know, serving the poor and stuff, my church home showed the blooper real from our Easter commercial in the church services. Enjoy!


Easter Bloopers from Cathedral of the Rockies on Vimeo.