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Why is Tom Oord getting fired?

Photo by Brandon Hill Photography
Photo by Brandon Hill Photography

Look, I have no idea why my former systematics professor is getting fired. 

Apparently, Dr. Tom Oord received an email from Northwest Nazarene University’s administration during vacation/holy week, notifying him that he’s out of a job come the end of the semester. On Maundy Thursday, I received an invite to a Facebook group that was sharing information and support for Oord. In one week, over a thousand people joined that group, people have given over $1500 to support Oord, college students have organized protests marked by hash tags and redshirts, wikipedia pages have been developed, fact sheets have been disseminated, the administration has emailed pastors in hopes of clearing things up, and a Q & A session has been set up for students on campus.

But still, no one knows why Oord is being canned. 

Well, I guess someone knows, but none of us do.
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