What If Adam and Eve Never Ate the Apple?

Think about guys...
Think about guys…

     For now, let’s not scrutinize the story. Let’s just accept it as it is. Adam and Eve disobeyed God, ate the fruit they were told not to, and a bunch of consequences issued forth: snakes lost their legs and became hated by people, women will have pain in child birth, the earth will be harsh and harder to farm, etc.

     But what if Adam and Eve never ate the apple? The story makes us imagine this “what if?” What if Adam and Eve lived on in blissful obedience? What if history marched on and no one disobeyed God? When I was kid, I used to imagine that world. I assumed it would be everyone in the Garden of Eden playing nude volleyball forever and ever. Makes sense.

     But maybe not. Why, in my little kid Sunday School mind, did no sin = no clothes? We wouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies so NO CLOTHES! YAY! But is shame the only reason we wear clothes? Nope. We wear clothes for all sorts of reasons, even joyful reasons of self-expression and creativity. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. So, maybe, even if the world marched on without sin, humans might have started developing clothes anyway. And it would be good.

     But if there’s clothes, then what else would there be? Would there be cars? Would there be countries? Would there be business? Grocery stores? What would we still create? Would there be technology and art? Science class and the Olympics? Could we create these things and participate in them with out sin?

     Use your imagination. How different would the world be if Adam and Eve never ate the apple? How different would the world be without sin? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks and peace,